GP Smart Health Clinic Initiative

In order to improve the access of primary level curative health service, there is a need to reach the service closer to the public. However, with robust health care infrastructure, the West Bengal Government health care system has reached every corner of the State.

Consequently, for reaching out primary health care closest to rural population, P & RD Department sanctioned total 1768 nos. of AYUSH Dispensaries (Homoeopathic, Ayurvedic & Unani) at GP level with fund support by State Budget head and NHM head of H & FW Department. The task of engagement and other establishment issues of Doctors and also the monitoring of the GP dispensaries are vested on the P & RD Department. These dispensaries are located in Gram Panchayat Office or any other place arranged by the Gram Panchayat and functioning six hours daily every working day.

Now, with a view to provide better service to rural people through this Department’s existing Homeopathy, Ayurvedic&Unani GP level Dispensaries, an online initiative called “GP Smart Health Clinic” has been taken up with

  • Following features:

  • Doctors management.
  • Patient management with patient history.
  • Online Patient appointment.
  • Medicine details managements with Inventory.
  • Online Prescription generation & print out for patients.
  • Various MIS report for analysis.

The goal of the project is to provide better healthcare services to rural people in West Bengal through a Centralized Smart Clinic Application and mobile app.

The objective of the initiative as follows -

A. Improve Accessibility: Increase access to healthcare services for rural populations by providing a user-friendly mobile app and centralized system that enables easy registration, appointment booking, and access to medical resources.

B. Enhance Efficiency: Streamline administrative processes through the Admin Module, enabling efficient management of doctor registrations, attendance monitoring, reporting, and medicine distribution.

C. Empower Doctors: Provide doctors with a dedicated module that facilitates prescription writing, schedule management, and efficient patient care, empowering them to deliver quality healthcare services.

D. Enhance Patient Experience: Prioritize patient needs through the Patient Module, offering features such as appointment booking, access to medical records, personalized notifications, and reminders, to improve patient experiences and satisfaction.

E. Bridge the Healthcare Gap: Utilize technology to bridge the gap between healthcare services and citizen of rural areas, ensuring that rural populations receive equitable access to medical facilities and quality care.

F. Improve Healthcare Outcomes: Foster better healthcare outcomes for rural communities by leveraging technology to streamline processes, enhance communication between doctors and patients, and enable efficient healthcare management.

G. Optimize Resource Utilization: Improve the efficient utilization of healthcare resources by effectively managing doctor schedules, monitoring attendance, and ensuring the timely distribution of medicines.

H. Empower Rural Communities: Empower rural communities by providing them with convenient and accessible healthcare services, promoting better health and well-being.

I. Faster Collaboration: Facilitate collaboration and communication among doctors, administrators, and patients, enabling seamless coordination and improved healthcare delivery.

“GP Smart Health Clinic Initiative” has been designed&developed by the IT Cell of P& RD Department and day to day work of the whole initiative will be supervised and monitored by the State Public Health Cell of P&RD Department. Through this innovative project, not only the citizens of the sanctioned 1768 GPs but the rural population of all 3339 GPs of the State will avail this integrated online facility and get benefitted.